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What is the best antivirus for Mac computer?
over 2 years ago

A common myth is that Apple Mac owners don't have to worry about protecting their devices from viruses, but how real is it today? If you're one of many people using MacOS and you're not sure if you need security software.


If you have an Apple iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro or Mac Mini computer, you may be wondering if you want to install an antivirus program to stay safe and protect against a number of threats that you constantly hear in the media. So what's the reality? As with most security questions, the solution is not crystal clear, but this article can help you better understand the topic.


Macs have long enjoyed a reputation for being resistant to viruses and other types of malware. But while they are still much more stable than Windows systems, Macs are still vulnerable to some viruses and other malware, which is a growing problem. Apple's built-in security system makes sense in maintaining malware, but you should still do more protection by installing anti-virus software.


In this informative article, we discuss why you should consider using anti-virus on your Mac and show you some of the best anti-virus software to help.


Does Mac OS need an anti-virus?

In summary, yes. Mac computers are not immune to malware, and attacks targeting Mac computers are increasing. However, after proven methods of securing your device and using the built-in security features, an antivirus program can help that will make your device even more secure.


Let's examine it in more detail:


The answer to this question is yes. Although Macs seem to be stable, nothing prevents criminals from attacking software.


Figures suggest that Macs are less vulnerable to malware. But just because the danger is less than when using a Windows computer doesn't mean that there is no risk. In addition, the danger is greater if you run multiple Macs. Even if you use your Mac as a computer, there are a few important reasons why you should consider improving security.


Macs are becoming more and more popular. The advantage of attacking Windows computers is that the impact is so huge that Windows has 80 percent of this market share. Because Macs are becoming more expensive to buy than Windows computers, Mac users are usually richer.


Therefore, they can be an attractive target for criminals, especially those who want to steal personal data, including financial data. Windows is now more secure. Macs had a significant advantage over computers with Windows in terms of security, making the latter easier to hit.


The latest variants of the Windows operating system are safer than before, closing the gap and making them more difficult targets. The Mac operating system has built-in malware detection, which we'll discuss in more detail below. This built-in detection attribute is fun to use, but with much greater danger there is a greater chance that new malware will get into your system before Apple updates its databases. They are known as zero-day threats and are reason enough to think about installing some security program.


The best antivirus software for Mac OS If you decide that you want to install antivirus software, there are many options on the market, both paid and free. We've rounded up some of the best in separate articles, but below are our top three free and paid options.


Best Antivirus choice for Mac OS: We recommend choosing a paid option, if you can, they are rather cheap, faster and provide better security. The best free antivirus software for MacJust, like most things in life, is usually the catch when the item is free. Safety is not a place where we recommend you to jump, but if you really don't want a paid solution, you have 3 free options.


AVG Antivirus for Mac: In the past, AVG only provided antivirus solutions for Windows users, but now Mac users can also benefit from protection. Free features include protection against downloaded and online threats, real-time monitoring, drag, and drop file scanning, and free malware removal. After the installation of the set-up file, you need an AVG internet security activation code to activate the setup.


Avast Free Antivirus for Mac: Mac users will not receive the same range of features from Avast as Windows users, but they may be amazed by the basics such as real-time monitoring and virus prevention, Wi-Fi scanning and blocking unsafe sites and intrusive network tracking tools.

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